Aahd Kamel

Aahd Kamel is a Saudi writer, actress and director. She co-starred several significant movies which participated in many regional and international festivals. Her movies won several awards such as "Horma" which she wrote and directed.

Aahd Kamel

Kamel was born in 1987, left Saudi Arabia in 1998 at the age of 11. She moved to the United States where she studied acting.

She received a Bachelor of Arts in Animation and Communications from the Parsons Design School, along with a diploma in directing from the New York Film Academy in 2005.

She has presented a number of distinguished films that have participated in several regional and international festivals. She has won awards including "Horma" which she wrote and directed, and "Al- Qandarggi " which she wrote, directed and co-starred with, "Wajda" and "Razan".

She has won many awards including best actress for her role in the film "Razan" at the San Francisco Festival, and the first Golden Award at the Beirut International Film Festival 2012 for the film "Al- Qandarggi ".