Ghala Al-Dossari

Saudi Oud player and instructor, and member of the Saudi Arts and Culture Association

Ghala Al-Dossari

Oud player and teacher Ghala Al-Dossari pursued her passion with the support of her family, starting her Oud studies in 2012.

She would later start performing her own compositions on a number of occasions, and eventually, win over the Saudi Oud and music audience.

She is one of Saudi Arabia’s most passionate female musicians; she not only learned to play and master Oud, but also, opened her home for other Saudi women aged between 15 and 50 years old who wanted to follow in her footsteps. Often perceived as an instrument best handled by her male counterparts – across the region as much as in the Kingdom – Al-Dossari’s mission is to change the Saudi society’s perception around Oud.

Al-Dossari worked equally hard on her vocal cords to perfect her musical performances, training on Arabic Maqam – the range of melodic modes behind traditional Arabic music – by thoroughly studying the craft of Arab musical legends like Umm Kulthum and Mohammed Abulwahab.

Al-Dossari also turned her Riyadh home into a music school and part-studio that graduated 50 passionate female music students.