Shalimar Sharbatly

Shalimar Sharbatly is a Saudi artist who was thrust into international spotlight with her distinguished art, and who has held several exhibitions across arts capitals in the world

شاليمار شربتلي

Saudi artist Shalimar Sharbatly was born in Cairo in 1971, to a Saudi father and an Egyptian mother, and developed her artistic talent and love for painting from a very early age.

Later, Sharbatly returned to the Kingdom and received a bachelor's degree in Psychology from King Abdulaziz University. She then obtained a master's degree from the Lebanese University of Beirut, specializing in the criminal field. At the same time, she would also graduate from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Cairo University, constantly balancing her passion for arts with that for academia.

At a very early age, she managed to have her paintings published in a number of art magazines, drawing the attention of many of great artists to her talent. Artists, such as Salah Taher and others, helped Sharbatly direct her artistic talent and hone it into a unique footprint and voice.

Over time, Shalimar became one of the most famous Saudi artists inside and outside of the Kingdom. Her artistic influence spilled over to European capitals, where she held many art exhibitions.

She would then become the first Saudi woman and artist commissioned by the government to draw paintings and designs that would be spread across main streets in Jeddah. The assignment catapulted her into one of the most important 100 personalities to have had an impact on the arts and culture scene in coastal Jeddah.

Sharbatly then found her voice and unique artistic print in a conceptual approach she dubbed Moving Art. Moving Art is an expression of fine arts on moving objects and vehicles, particularly on cars and motorcycles; it soon made it to international specialized exhibition that, today, look at Moving Art as an independent form of artistry.

Sharbatly has taken ownership of this conceptual approach, and now is being courted by the largest international automotive brands to level up their cars with artistic, as much as with financial and performance value.

In 2017 she was chosen among 450 artists from all over the world to display their paintings and works of art at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. In the same year, she was chosen as a Goodwill Ambassador for her contributions to humanitarian issues and civil society.