Samar Saleh

Saudi leader in diplomacy, and the first Saudi woman to serve as the Trade Attaché in the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Investment

سمر صالح

Samar bint Mazen Saleh obtained her master’s degree in journalism and international media from London’s City University, and graduated from Harvard University’s Program for Executive Leadership.

Earlier in her academic journey, Saleh pursued her baccalaureate degree in journalism and media, with an emphasis on international and governmental relations from the American University of Sharjah.

While her academic years focused on the media field, Saleh sharpened her skill set early on, enrolling in a number of trainings that geared her toward the financial sector. Her mastery of both the English and ltalian language would catapult her career growth later on.

Samar Saleh had previously served as a director at the Saudi Commercial Attaché in Italy, where she was tasked with the development of commercial trade between both countries, with a particular focus on non-hydrocarbon diversification, goods and services.

During her stint in Italy, Saleh honed a multi-faceted skillset and work experience, coordinating with a number of governmental Saudi and Italian authorities to push the Kingdom’s non-hydrocarbon economic diversification efforts. Moreover, Saleh’s remit extended to top-level, strategic relationship-building with leading businesspeople in Italy, and to significant contributions into opening up the Italian market to the “Made in Saudi Arabia” initiative – aimed at promoting the import of homegrown Saud products.

On May 5, 2018, Saudi Arabia's Minister of Commerce and Investment, Majid Al-Qasabi, issued a decree appointing Saleh as the country’s trade attaché in Tokyo, marking a first-time and milestone move in the ministry's history.