Bayan Zahran

Legal consultant and the first Saudi woman to open a law firm in the KSA

بيان زهران

Bayan Mahmoud Zahran is a Saudi lawyer, and among the first Saudi women to have been officially allowed to practice law in the Kingdom. She was also the first Saudi woman to have set up her own law firm across the KSA.

Bayan obtained her baccalaureate degree from King Abdulaziz University in law specialization, and a British Legal Counsel Fellowship. Zahran also participated in the Family Violence and Abuse Protection Program in the US, and in several legal meetings on women's and children's issues in a number of countries around the world.

Zahran is a recognized lawyer before Shari'a courts. She has also served as a legal advisor to the Family Protection Association, as well as a legal advisor to the National Committee for prisoner care in Jeddah. She has taken part in a number of campaigns calling for Saudi women to obtain law practice licenses, and fronted a campaign, “I am a Lawyer”, that brought the attention of authorities and concerned parties to address the role of women in legal and judiciary work.

In 2014, upon receiving her practice license, Zahran opened her law firm in Saudi Arabia, working with a number of individual and institutional clients on cases for both men and women. She became one of the most prominent female lawyers in Saudi Arabia.