Mona Abu Soliman

She is among the first generation of media personnel who appeared on Satellite Channel's. She was chosen as UN good will ambassadress

منى أبو سليمان

She was among the first among media personnel to appear on Satellite Channel's via MBC1, as  the host of "Kalam Nawaem" (women's talk). Due to her eminent role in media she was chosen as UN Good Will in Saudi Arabia.

Abu Soliman was born in the US , Philadelphia in 1973. Due to the nature of her father's work she travelled to many countries in her early childhood stage. She earned her Master's degree in English Literature from George Mason University in Virginia.  She then got her PhD in English Literature from King Saud University.

Few years ago, she began her career in the media, accordingly she became famous for being an expert in the media, administrative and charity fields.

In 2004 World Economic Forum entitled her with "A Young Leader". In 2007, she was appointed at the UN Developmental Program as the first Saudi Ambassadress for Good Will. In the same year she gained the Regional and International Relations  Award for superiority from the Middle East Institute.

Abu Soliman is member of the consultative council of Much Women's Fund. She is also a member of Soul Organisation which aims to improve communication between East and West world. She is also a member of the Saudi Media Federation.
She has previously served as secretary general of Al-Waleed bin Talal Foundation for charity.