Najlaa Felmban

Najlaa Felmban is a successful Saudi artist and businesswoman based in New York

نجلاء فلمبان

Felmban graduated from Umm Al-Qura University in the field of grammar and linguistics and worked as a teacher several years ago before she decided to devote herself to her talent and work as a professional abstract artist. She and her husband started a company considered one of the biggest art companies in Saudi Arabia.

After Felmban’s remarkable success in abstract arts, she suffered from cancer, thus forcing her and her family to move and live in New York for her medical treatment.

Felmban decided that she and her husband would open a restaurant specializing in Saudi meals due to the lack of specialized Saudi restaurants in New York.

The Saudi artist has been able to offer Saudi cuisine in a distinctive and attractive way to New Yorkers, where people of different ethnicities and cultures reside. She managed to form a large number of customers who want to experience Saudi cuisine.