Alia Al-Shaman

Alia Al-Shaman is a Saudi writer and painter who beat her disability and found her calling in arts.

عالية الشامان

Al-Shaman suffers from acute brain palsy resulting from oxygen deficiency; a condition that has led to her losing control over her limbs and using a wheelchair.

She uses only one finger to write and draw on her computer with her left hand, and suffers from slow motion in her right hand. Despite her condition, she went on to produce a number of outstanding literary works, children’s books and cartoons.

Al-Shaman was born in Texas, US. She attended primary school at a special needs institution for children in Riyadh, then moved to Tabuk at the age of 12, where she worked hard at developing her writing and drawing skills.  

She aspires to publish a collection of stories in the future, and be the first Saudi woman to reach the global stage in scriptwriting for cartoon movies. In tandem, she has taken on the establishment of a body to sponsor and support talents of people with special needs.