Amjad Al-Mutairi

Blind painter Amjad Al Mutairi overcame her disability and went on to create dozens of outstanding works.

أمجاد المطيري

Currently studying at the Al Taif University’s English division of the Arts Faculty, Al Mutairi practices her art with passion and patience, taking a week to a year to complete each of her paintings.
Al-Mutairi’s works largely depend on tablets, brushes and charcoal, but more importantly, on all her other heightened senses of touch and shadows. She was born with a genetic disease that led to her gradually losing her eyesight. It started with nyctalopia, a condition characterized by an abnormal inability to see in dim light or at night, which then turned into the sharper tunnel vision condition.

Al-Mutairi’s vision can be likened to seeing the world through a needle – enough to see her paintings from a quarter-inch distance.

She comes from a long lineage of artists that have encouraged her to hone and develop her artistic talents since childhood. Her aunt, Maha Al Kafi, and her uncle, Mansour Al-Mutairi are both renowned artists.