Huda Al-Jeraisy

Saudi businesswoman, Head of the Women’s Committee at the Council of Saudi Chambers, Head of the taskforce for the feminization of the restaurant and hospitality sector.

هدى الجريسي

Huda Al-Jeraisy’s early academic years were spent in Lebanon. In 1975, she traveled to Switzerland, where she pursued her intermediate and secondary school studies. In 1988, she obtained a baccalaureate degree in translation studies from the University of Geneva.

She served as the President of the Executive Council for women in the Riyadh Chamber for two terms. She owns and manages Al-Areeba for Ladies Skill Center (ALS), and has been active in women’s business, charitable and social initiatives – from advocating financial literacy for women, to her long stint managing Saudi’s Apple ladies’ center until 1999.

Moreover, Al Jeraisy has served as a member in a number of economic and charitable associations and committees, and as a consultant for the National Entrepreneurship Center.

She worked as a news analyst at the National Research Center, and as a translator at the women’s employment office of the Civil Service Bureau.

On May 18, 2011, she was knighted by former French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s National Order of Merit.