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Shalemar Sharbatly paints world’s most expensive luxury car

In a landmark partnership for a Saudi artist with one of the world’s top luxury automotive brands, Saudi painter and artist Shalemar Sharbatly has just completed her artwork, a painting on the world’s most expensive car, the Pagani Zonda, valued at 3.5 million US dollars. Sharbatly’s assignment is a prestigious one, as the car will exhibited at Italy’s Pagani museum, as part of its timeless collection.

The Pagani Autmobili SA is one of the most renowned sports automotive manufacturers in the world, releasing only two models a year; the first, the Pagani Zonda, which will see its last release this year, and the second, the Pagani Huwayra. As a celebration of its legacy and heritage, the final release, for which both the interior and exterior artwork were done by Sharbatly, will find a permanent home in the Pagani museum.

Reaching a record speed of 100 kilometers in 3.5 seconds, the last Pagani Zonda will not go to market. It will be added to the timeless collection housed by the museum founded by Horacio Pagani, in honor of his automotive craftsmanship and creative journey with Pagani, the most expensive and renowned luxury car in the world.

In nearly 23 years, Pagani Automobili SA released only 206 cars of the Pagani Zonda lineup. Now that it is joining the auto brand’s hall of fame off the market, Sharbatly’s creation will be exhibited with Pagani’s most important models and designs at the museum; another piece of the original creator’s journey with car design and production.

شاليمار شربتلي ترسم أغلى وأشهر سيارة في العالم

Global cooperation

On her creative partnership with one of the world’s largest luxury auto brands, Sharbatly, an instinctive Saudi painter who’d broadened her creative spectrum to design and fashion, said she was extremely happy with this collaboration; particularly, as she pointed in numerous press statements, since it pushed the creative boundaries, contribution and potential of “Moving Art”  in the wider arts arena.

She is just as proud to work with top design thinkers in Italy, a cultural and artistic hub, and more so, to make the first painter to put her artistic craft on cars in a legacy automotive market. In the creation of the last Pagani Zonda, she joined her efforts to those of Pagani Automobili SA company, and Foglizzo, a household name in the production of Italian genuine leather for automotive and aviation vehicles. Under her assignment, Sharbatly will also be in charge of the car’s interior leather artwork, which will be documented through a short film currently in the works.

The last Pagani Zonda will be taken for a spin, starring several events before taking permanent residency at the museum. It will first be displayed at the Torino Museum, and then will travel to the flagship Formula 1 event in France in end of May 2018.

شاليمار شربتلي ترسم أغلى وأشهر سيارة في العالم

Moving Art

A concept coined by Sharbatly herself, Moving Art is an expression of fine arts on moving objects and vehicles, particularly on cars and motorcycles; the main purpose behind which is to move artistic work and creativity beyond the confines of museums and exhibition halls to spread Sharbatly’s mission and message on a wider scale. Sharbatly’s conceptual approach took off well, and soon made it to international specialized exhibitions that, today, look at Moving Art as an independent arts category.

Sharbatly has taken ownership of this conceptual approach, and is now being courted by the largest international automotive brands to level up their cars with artistic, as much as with financial and performance value. Id Design, which has worked on the top 10 cars in the world – including Lamborghini and Ferrari – has previously signed on with Sharbatly  to an artistic collaboration into the design of the first high tech car in the world, which was known as Formula 1 Monaco in 2017.

Now, expanding her Moving Art movement far and wide, Sharbatly has released several ready-to-wear fashion collections for men and women, all handmade and donning her artwork.

Sharbatly’s success and innovative approach in scaling Moving Art led to the French and legacy Louvre Museum’s celebratory exhibition of her works that same year. These works were showcased in a private exhibition; a testament and official recognition by one of the world’s largest artistic institutions of Sharbatly’s Moving Art – and an accomplishment in and of itself, as Sharbatly made the first Arabic artist to have had her works exhibited at the legacy French museum.

Sharbatly has won at many international awards shows and exhibitions worldwide. She landed many firsts across artistic events as the first Arab artist to participate and win in the prestigious annual art exhibition, Salon d’autone, which drew in 36 countries and 500 international artists. Sharbatly was also the first Arab artist to participate in international artistic forums.

شاليمار شربتلي ترسم أغلى وأشهر سيارة في العالمشاليمار شربتلي ترسم أغلى وأشهر سيارة في العالم


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Shalimar Sharbatly is a Saudi artist who was thrust into international spotlight with her distinguished art, and who has held several exhibitions across arts capitals in the world

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