Haifa Al Dosari

Haifa Al Dosari


Princess Lolowah Al Faisal’s celebrated journey for women’s rights

In a press conference held on April 8, Princess Seeta bint Abdulaziz Foundation’s Board of Trustees announced the winners of its fifth awards edition, this year under the theme of “Lasting Impact”.

Leading this edition’s winners was Princess Lolowah Al Faisal, who was recognized for her social entrepreneurship efforts. The Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Center for Science and Technology (SCITECH) also won under the Excellence in Social Programs category, for its Nar’ak (we care for you) forum, which centers on personal development in the context of secure and sustainable societies and family units.  

Among other winners, the Saudi Charity Association for Alzheimer’s was awarded for Excellence in  Islamic Charity for its parental endowment Program. Under the National Achievement category, Bank AlJazira walked away with the Best Social Responsibility Program. Also in the same category, the Deanship of Community Service and Sustainable Development at the University of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal walked away with a prize for its “National Motive” program.

The awards’ fifth edition comes only a few days after its tenth Board of Trustees meeting, presided over by the Saudi Ministry of Labor and Social Development, Dr. Ali Al-Ghafees. The awards ceremony was attended by the board’s members, Prince Saud bin Fahd bin Abdullah bin Mohammad Al Kabeer, and Prince Salman Mohammad bin Salman bin Mohammad.
At the ceremony, the awards’ secretary general, Dr. Fahd Al-Maghlouth, expressed his pride in those who dedicated their lives and capabilities at the service of their nations and societies in the noble field of “social, volunteering, charitable and humanitarian work”.

A brief history

Princess Seeta bint Abdulaziz’s foundation was set up in 2012, with a mission to empower charity and social work at the service of underserved communities. Chief among its objectives was to incentivize governmental and civil authorities to innovate in social work, and to extend equal support and recognition to men and women working in the field.

The foundation, headquartered in Riyadh, is a not for profit organization, headed by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques as its the Honorary President of the Council. It carries the name of founder King Abdulaziz Al Saud’s daughter, and the wife of Prince Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer. Princess Seeta Al Saud passed away in 2011, after a long and accomplished journey in charity and humanitarian work. Throughout her life, she was outspoken and actively involved in a number of citizen-centric causes and issues; ones that she would regularly advise on and discuss with the late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and with key stakeholders and decision makers.

Her social work culminated in the establishment of the Al Saud Women’s Forum in 2003, a consortium of the family’s leading women, serving as a bridge between citizens and Saudi leadership. Her charitable and community efforts bore fruit in a number of awards; among which she was recognized with the Distinguished Personalization Award during the 2nd Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Social Work Festival in 2010.

Princess Lolowah bin Faisal

A fellow power woman and leading figure in Saudi Arabia’s royal family today, Princess Lolowah Al Faisal’s international and local presence are earning her a name in redefining the role of women in the country.

Princess Lolowah dedicated her life elevating the status of Saudi women, especially in the field of education. Her most important contribution was the founding of Effat University in 1999, from fundraising, to curricular development monitoring,  to project supervision, to faculty staff recruitment. She currently serves as the university’s Vice President of the Board of Founders and of the Board of Trustees, and its General Supervisor.

She also had a prominent presence at the 2007 World Economic Forum, where she spoke against the then driving ban on women in Saudi Arabia. At the forum, she called on more rights for women that would help correct Western misconceptions around the country’s progress.

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One of leading power women in the Saudi royal family, with a prominent presence on both local and global stages

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