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Zahra Al-Nahrawi, a Saudi artist helps young talent achieve their dreams

The German ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Dieter Haller, accompanied by his wife, Nisreen Zerab, inaugurated the We Are All Art exhibition on March 27 in the company of a number of diplomats, businessmen and female abstract artists.
Saudi abstract artist Zahra Al-Nahrawi is the founding member of the exhibition.

We Are All Art is a youth initiative instituted in 2016 with the objective of assisting young artistic talent to set up their own exhibitions for public view.

The exhibition included a number of paintings of King Salman bin Abdel-Aziz and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, in addition to paintings of Saudi Arabia and its contemporary history.

Abstract artist Al Nahrawi praised the German ambassador as a supporter of abstract arts and for his support to Saudi talent in many fields, including an integrated band of young Saudis.

She warmly thanked all attendees who support women's art. The exhibition included artistic works from a number of abstract artists such as Al-Anoud Al-Ajmi, Shaden Al Enezi and Mozoon Al-Ghamdi.

The first exhibition of We Are All Art was in October 2016. It was launched as "36" as it included work from 36 female and male artists, sharing their creativity in presenting more than 100 works of art.

A further meaningful development was the second exhibition, which opened in June 2017 under the title Elite (Safwa) at the Wamda Art Area where 38 female and male artists presented more than 300 pieces.

An artist by nature

Al-Nahrawi’s passion for art began in her childhood. Her father was a famous abstract artist who cultivated her inherited talent.

In addition to her art, Al Nahrawi is a highly regarded professional make-up artist for cinema.

In August 2017, the Office of the German-Saudi Arabian Liaison Office for Economic Affairs (GESALO) hosted Al Nahrawi’s work. The exhibition was the first of its kind for GESALO in its 40 years in Saudi Arabia.

This was her first solo exhibition.

We Are All Art is Al Nahrawi’s dream for all young Saudi artists to rise to their full creative potential.

The exhibition included 22 paintings and was attended by representatives of the German-Saudi business community, including representatives of the German embassy and the German Goethe Institute.

Oliver Oehms, a delegate of German Industry and Commerce for Saudi Arabia, proclaimed: We are proud to be associated with Al Nahrawi in support of a Saudi artist who has demonstrated great talent and self-confidence, thus making an extraordinary contribution by women to society."

Women in this article

Al-Nahrawi is a Saudi abstract artist and a founder of the WE Are All Art initiative supporting young talents

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