Shaimaa Al-Shayeb

Al-Shayeb is a civil engineer specializing in structuring; she is working in an engineering office in Sydney and is currently studying for her master's degree

الشيماء الشايب

Al-Shayeb was born in Al-Jubail Governorate. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering and is the first Saudi structural specialist from the Sydney University of Technology in Australia.

Al-Shayeb contributed to the process of water discharge, reducing rain floods, supervising construction sites, as well as using design programs for reinforcing steel and foundations of facilities, in addition to evaluating and guaranteeing strength and durability of construction elements.

Al-Shayeb also presented research on concrete technology, considered one of the best research papers at the University of Sydney. She submitted another research article on engineer’s thinking systems at a conference in Canada.

Al-Shayeb created the Female Saudi Engineers Twitter account in 2014, which has widely spread throughout the Kingdom. This account is considered the first forum for female Saudi engineers inside and outside Saudi Arabia, for gathering female engineers from various specialties to develop the profession and enrich knowledge exchange in general. The account currently includes about 400 engineers. In an attempt to further invest in the account’s success, Al-Sheyeb created another account called "Saudi Civilians without Borders" that includes both male and female Saudi engineers.