About us

14 Mar 2018

Women 2030 is a digital platform launched on March 8th, 2018 (International Women’s Day). The online portal at www.women2030.com will feature daily news articles and videos of substantive relevance to Saudi women. The portal will be supported by robust social media presence through a variety of platforms, and the content will be in both English & Arabic.

Women 2030 is an initiative created by the Approach Research Centre (ARC[A3] ) London, in partnership with the Signal Group, a very reputable Public Relations firm in Washington DC, and New Media Company in Riyadh. Initiatives and programs are to be backed by international organizations as well as public and private entities in Saudi Arabia.

Women 2030 Initiative is led by a group of distinguished Saudi women who are working hard to bring this project to reality.


Why 2030?


For women around the world, the year 2030 will be a milestone for the UN agenda, “Planet 50-50”, one of the Sustainable Development Goals set up by the UN which aims to achieve gender equality at all levels, and to give primacy to women’s leadership across the board.

For Saudi women, the year 2030 is an integral part of the vision pushed by the Saudi leadership, headed by H.H. Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud.

A major component of this vision is the empowerment of Saudi women in various aspects of their lives. Not long after the Crown Prince announced the vision, deep and fast changes began to happen within Saudi society in a way that no-one could have imagined.


This initiative will celebrate and highlight progressive change though a raft of programs that support Vision 2030 with the aim of giving Saudi women a seat at the global table.